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แซมเปิ้ล จังหวะ Korg PA 600 900 PA3x Review Lao Thai Styles and Sound Samples

Dance Styles Demo

Buy Korg Pa Sound Samples and Styles.แซมเปิ้ลจังหวะ


Lao Thai Korg Pa 600, 900, pa3x keyboard styles and sound samples. Over 50+ styles for your Korg keyboard! Including song midis and many more.

Sound Sample: YC 10 Organ X5D, YC 20 Organ X5D,YC 30 Organ X5D, YC 40 Organ X5D, YC 50 Organ X5D, D50 Organ 1, D50 Organ 1, Organ 1 X5D, Organ2 X5D, Pan Flute X5D, Gt TRYOS4 1, Gt TYROS 2, Sax 1, Sax 2, Accordion, Band Brass, Vod, Gtr Pro 1, Kan 1, Kan 2, Saxophone 1, Saxophone 2, YC-25 1, YC 25 2

Style List: 3 Cha larr, Raw van mia peur, lampeum Kanturm, lampurn Nanon/lack4, New Lumpern, Saolery, BowRuk, Sao Dam Kum Kuan, Sao phoua pher, Fan khao phu sao ai, Sao jan gan kop, khee mo, bao mak nao, Kar jai la ber to, ying lanra, Bolero 1, 2, 3, Begine 1, 2, 3, Thai Derm, Belero 4s, Begine 4s, Ruk maa 4 pee, Namtoum, MaharneYom, Slow lana, Bowdang, Taloong Thai, Offbeat Thai, Kongyaw Thai, Mayong Thai, Samba Thai, KURACHA, Rumwong Thai, Rumwong Slow, Rumwong 4s, 3 Cha slow, 3 Cha 1, 2, 3, 4, Stand by 3 cha, 3 Cha lumzing, Earn Ai Sai Mar Nung, Mia Gao, Poua Gao, Ok huk bor tay dok, Dao Padup Jai, Gulup deang and many more styles.

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Hey guys, I came across this awesome website thought I would share it with you.  If you are looking for song styles this might be the website for you.  Great song styles collection, voices, multipads, mp3s, and many more great stuff for you Yamaha keyboard.  I created a quick video showing you what is all about. Check it out when you get a chance and try out the song styles and other free stuff from this website.  Let me know how you like it! Here is the link to the website http://www.mmacdonald.com/styles/index.php

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