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There is a program called “imtoo video to audio converter” which converts video files to mp3, or any other audio format you want.


here is a tutorial on the software

The trial of this software only converts 3 minutes, i have a older version which converts 5 minutes,  if you would like. There is also another free program which converts as well but it gives the audio a tinny sound to it.

Insert the vcd into you’re computer, open imtoo video to audio and click on file, add files, then a screen will come up and you can select which file to open, if the vcd is still in you’re cd/dvd drive it will be in My Computer –> then select you’re disk drive, you are looking for a folder named MPEGAV. open that and there you can select the video files you want to convert. double click on the one you want, or press CTRL A to select all. pick you’re output folder then convert.

This is an article provided by a good friend Andrew from Australia.

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Bee MP3 – This is  a pretty good website for those seeking free Lao MP3.  I came across it while searching for Lao Mp3. There are other types of Lao music as well. Probably one of the best Lao music sites out there. Enjoy! If you have your favorite Mp3 website and want to share it with the community..please do so in the comment section.

Lao Mp3

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