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Wow! The Fresno Lao New Year was awesome! The music was great as well. Many bands came to jam at the party including Pa Ya Nak from San Diego, Sam from Laos, Noumputhai from Fresno and many others. I got a chance to play in a live band and that was awesome. Playing in a live band is much funner than a one man band. When you play with someone that is good your skill improve as well. This year if you want to improve your playing skill I would suggest finding a mentor. That way you will feel more responsible toward yourself and your mentor during your practice. Take them out for a drink and ask them to be your mentor.


Also this week I want to share a Yamaha PSR Disco style that I just got from a good friend. This style is awesome! Go ahead download it and let me know what you think.

Download Yamaha PSR Disco Style

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