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I am pretty sure that most of us have a cassette tape that is valuable to us and that we want to keep it as long as possible. At times we will want to listen it while driving, the problem is that most of the cars these days doesn’t have a cassette tape player. The best solution is to convert it to a CD. Here’s how to do it!

It’s simple and you could do it. You just need one audio transfer cable and a sound record software. All you do is connect your audio transfer cable to the “headphone” jack of your cassette tape player to your PC’s “Line In” audio jack (on the sound card). Play the cassette and use your PC to record it and then burn your audio CD.


Here are some free sound recording programs :
Download Donar Recorder

Download FreeCassetteToCDConverter

Please share with how this work out for ya in the comment section!

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I was asked by many people on how to convert Lao YouTube video karaoke to Mp3.   So I started this post hopefully to help you to do it.   Basically, all you need to do is copy the video URL and go to past the URL address in and you are done. It’s that easy! If you want to do a bulk conversion the best way to do this is to download all your YouTube videos  and use this free program, Freez Flv to Mp3 Converter. Now that you have the music on your computer you can easily synchronize it to your mp3player or Ipod. Check it out!


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Bee MP3 – This is  a pretty good website for those seeking free Lao MP3.  I came across it while searching for Lao Mp3. There are other types of Lao music as well. Probably one of the best Lao music sites out there. Enjoy! If you have your favorite Mp3 website and want to share it with the community..please do so in the comment section.

Lao Mp3

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