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Thought I would go ahead and share the second lesson with you guys. Hope, you got a chance to check out our first lesson with Master Bounseung. In this lesson, you will learn of a soothing style of Lao traditional music called “Lum Puthai”. This is my one of my favorites. Check it out! Feel free to leave your comment.

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Learning how to play the khene! Lao music instrumental. This is the first lesson from Master Bounserng Snanonh with Lum Salavanh. I am one of his students, in my opinion he is the best khene player in the United States. He used to play for President Regan and that’s cool.

In this lesson you will learn the basic notes and the breathing techniques. It is very soothing and beautiful style of traditional Lao music. Please leave any comments or suggests if you would like more lessons.  Check it out!

Where to buy the khene? – call for pricing

Notes layout and more..

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