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Hey guys, I came across a pretty cool bass guitar midi software while surfing around the net.  If you are starting out and been wanting to learn how to play a bass guitar or a guitar this might be a program for you.
This program allows you to load in your favorite midi songs and then show you how to play the bass or guitar chords of the song.  I made a quick video showing you how the software works. Check it out

You could download the free version here and see if you like it.


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If you are a guitar player and is a fan of Carabao this post is definitely for you. Last week I stumbled across a Youtube video that I thought was pretty cool. It’s a pretty good video guitar lesson for those who have been wanting to learn how to play Carabao music. This is one of their famous songs : Wanipok .. Let me know what you think.

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Wow!  It’s Halloween.  I want to wish our Lao Music Community Happy Halloween . Have fun and be safe out there! Today, I want to share with you an article that I stumbled across that talks about the 10 Popular Guitar Effects.  As you are starting new as guitarist it is important to know what they are so you could add flavors to the style of your playing.

I just got my Guitar Pedal with these cool effects last month and I love them. Check it out!

10 Popular Guitar Effects Briefly Described


Sample – Lao Morlum Song  – Played by Steven

If you know of a cool effects pedal and want to recommend it to our Lao music community please post it in the comment section.

Also, If you don’t have an effect pedal I would recommend hoping over the the music store and check it out!

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Growing up in Thailand, I never had a chance to play a musical instrument or have my own band. I was too poor at the time and still now! I am very anti-talent when it comes to music and it’s very hard for me to overcome. Just last year, I got myself an electric guitar. I had no clue what to  do with it or how hard can it be to learn but I just I knew was that needed it!

5.  Lamvong Lao – Leum Lai Ban Fan
Listen to a Lao band in Thailand playing the song “Leum Lao Ban Pha” with the guitar intro! Exceptional guitar piece. Video from YouTube.

4. Santana – Moon Flower
At the time, I didn’t know the name song but I just love the guitar intro solos of the song. Way to go Santana!

3. Loso – Somsan
Loso is great! Probably one of the greatest songs of all time..with very awesome ending solos!

2. Wanipop – Carabao
Thai band – they are good! The solo part is very inspiring. The first time I heard the song was just amazing to me.

1. Morlum – Motasai Hang

I love the guitar sound playing to this style of music. I guess I am a country boy.

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