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Hey guys, I came across a pretty cool soundfont and thought I would share it with you. This is a free soundfont file that you could add to a midi player to make it sound real. Most of us, sometime play midi files at parties and sing to it. If you love karaoke and like to play midi files this might be the program for you and it’s totally free. I made a quick video showing you exactly how it works. You could download it for free at the link below. Have fun with it and let me know how you like it.

Download SynthFont Midi Player
Download Tawandaeng SoundFont File

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I came across some great lum midi files and thought i would share them with you guys.  They are very good.  After listening to them couple times I was able to pick up new tips and tricks in playing marlum on my keyboard.  Check it out when you get a chance.  I recorded some samples  for you.  Just click on the play button to listen or if you like it you could download the whole collection at the link below.   A great collection of lumpern, lumzing, lumteuy, lumdern, lumputhai. Midis are great ways to learn how to play music that you like. Hopefully you will have fun with it.


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I have been asked by many people where they could find Loso midi file so to save people some time looking for it I will go ahead and post it here.  This is not exclusive but it has all of his popular songs! Please let me know of your favorite Loso midi songs and I will try to add to this list.  If you like these midi files and want more thai midi files don’t forget to hop over to my thai midi section . Enjoy Loso fan!!


Download Loso Midi Files

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