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If you have an old Lao casio style the chance are you will need to convert it to a new format to use it. Most newer model of Casios only accept .CKT file format. The old file extension for Casio style is .CPT so you will need to convert it to .CKT which is the new casio style extension. Don’t get to hop over to the website below and check it out if you need the convert!

Data Management Software for Casio


If you would like to share your program please post it in the comment section.


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When I got started with music my first instrument was a Yahama PSR 620 keyboard. I remember I was so happy when I picked it up at the post office. I was kinda disappointed because I thought that it would come with a built-in Lao style.

At the time, I didn’t know anybody in the Lao music community.So, like everybody else I went online and start searching for Yamaha Lao Keyboard Styles..couldn’t find anything! After many hours of frustration I was able to locate a website in Los Angeles that offers to sell Lao music styles. So, I went ahead and bought one music style..Lamvong just to test it out and it works perfectly. Thanks for the people in Los Angeles! The only thing that I don’t like is the price..$25 for one style and $100 for ten!

Now, that I am more active in the Lao music community, finding what I need is much easier and cheaper too. Hopefully, new Lao musicians will find this website useful.

I am going to share one of my favorite Lao Keyboard Styles with you guys. If you would like to share yours with the community please shoot me an email and I will post it. Thanks

Download Yamaha PSR Lao Keyboard Style
Download Solton Lao Keyboard Style
Download Casio Lao Keyboard Style
Download Korg PA Lao Keyboard Style

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