December 2011

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Couple weeks ago I was browsing Craigslist in the Musical Instrument section and stumble across I pretty nice keyboard for $180.  It’s a Roland model EM 2000.  I always wanted a new keyboard but couldn’t really afford the Tyros or other high end keyboards.  I was skeptical at first not sure if I could port some Yamaha Styles onto it.   But I was able to and it sounds great.   Check out the sample video below:

If you have this model or looking for a similar one  I would try searching for it on Craigslist first by typing on Google “Roland EM 2000 Craigslist” . But first try searching in your local Craigslist area first. You might also want to try Ebay as well.

If you have this keyboard or similar model and want to test out some of my ported styles for them you could download it here.

Download Roland Styles


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